One of the biggest reasons that I chose this field was the realization that there continues to be a stigma attached to living with a disability. Over the years I have been given the opportunity to formally educate the public and help to remove the stigma by participating in information sessions for International Day of People with Disability. Along with this there are daily opportunities for education in the community through meaningful inclusion.

Another reason that drives me is the opportunity to support clients to live inclusively within the community, being able to offer specialized supports to encourage growth, self reliance, and skill building. Often time’s challenges will arise and being able to coach clients, and help them to learn and grow provides a sense of accomplishment.

One of my favourite reasons that I continue in this field is being able to celebrate accomplishments with the individuals I support. It doesn't matter if it is someone who has learned to cook a simple meal, or someone who has mastered the skills to live independently. Along with this is helping individuals when they may not achieve the goals they have set for themselves, by taking failures and turning them into new opportunities for success.

What is REDIconnects? REDI has a contract with the Alberta government's Human Services department to provide services that promote an individual's inclusion in community activities and personal development. REDIconnects also provides respite support either in the individual's home or outside their home.