About the Board...

At its essence, the role of the Board is to make sure that the organization is successful. Since its incorporation in 1959, REDI has been governed by a Board of Directors. In the early years, in addition to raising funds and negotiating with the government for fee for service contracts, the Board was involved in day to day operations deciding on new programs and providing operational advice. Today, as a governance Board, the role has evolved. The Board sets the strategic direction for the organization, ensuring overall performance, monitoring risk and maintaining fiscal responsibility by approving and monitoring annual budgets.

Current Board Members

Marcia Stodalka, Chair
Timothy McGough, 1st Vice Chair
Rachel Kruitbosch, 2nd Vice Chair
Rodney Wutch, Secretary-Treasurer
Shirley Maurer, Director
Charles Payne, Director
Wayne Resch, Director
David Stroh, Director
Tarek Williams, Director