The Bottle Donation Program

Giving back to the community...

We were asked by REDI to help alleviate a perceived problem at their Bottle Depot. Namely that people were not moving into the building far enough, and at busy times this was leading to a line reaching outside the building into the parking lot. When people coming to recycle saw the line they didn't want to stop, believing that the wait would be too long.

We thought this would be a simple traffic-flow solution assignment, but after analyzing the situation on site decided that traffic-flow might not really be the issue. We focus grouped a typical cross section of users and discovered what we had begun to suspect... many users weren't recycling for the refund, but because they believe recycling to be the right thing to do.

Our plan was to devise a system to allow users a way to donate their cans and bottles in a "drop-off", and leave without having to wait in line. These bottles would be "donated" to REDI who would then receive the refund value as well as their recycling fee. This would remove those users from the line and hopefully solve the perceived problem.

When we approached REDI with the idea, we discovered that REDI was prohibited by regulation from collecting any refund monies themselves, but that they could collect the refunds and re-donate them to other non-profits... and so was born the REDI Bottle Depot Donation Program.

Local charities and non-profits sign-up to be on REDI's list of eligible donation organizations, and each month the proceeds from the donated recycling is given to the advertised organization-of-the-month. We are proud to say that so far over $140,000.00 has been given to local charities and non-profits.

The Program has been a huge success for REDI, the Bottle Depot, and the community, and guess what... no more lines in the parking lot.