Apply for an
Endowment Grant
with REDI

September 30th

Board of Directors
REDI Endowment Grant Committee
860 Allowance Avenue SE
Medicine Hat, AB T1A 7S6


To fund proposals which meet one or more of the following objectives:

  • promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community; or
  • create opportunities for people with disabilities in the community; or
  • create a better understanding in the community of the needs of people with disabilities.

  • Background

    The Board of REDI Enterprises Society has created an endowment fund which is being held and administered by the Community Foundation of Medicine Hat and South Eastern Alberta. The initial capital endowment is $100,000. This endowment will grow over time. The capital will not be spent and the interest will be used to fund annual grants to meet the objectives of REDI Enterprises Society. Funding for this endowment was through the generosity of the Estate of George Staffin and the investment of proceeds from the sale of equipment from the sheltered workshop.

    Amount of Grant

    The amount of funds available will be based on the income generated from the Endowment Fund.

    Who May Apply?

    Individuals, groups of individuals, or non-profit organizations with proposals for projects in Medicine Hat and District.

    What types of projects will be considered?

    Grant can fund programmes, service delivery, education and research, with some types of capital projects being considered as well. New ideas
    or proposals are particularly encouraged.

    What type of projects will not be considered
    at this time?

    Grants will not be considered at this time for capital items for which funding is otherwise available; for normal operating expenses (i.e. top-up salary of an Executive Director); or for capital items such as photocopies and computers for organizations.

    Who will evaluate the Grants?

    The Board of the REDI Enterprises Society will, each year, appoint an Ad Hoc Committee consisting of Board Members together with at least one Employee of the Society and such other person as the Board shall determine, to consider Grant proposals and recommend projects to the Board for funding.

    How do you apply for a Grant?

    The first step is to simply submit a brief (one or two) page letter, setting out the proposal and describing how it will meet the stated purposes of the Grant. The proposal may be in point form and should include a proposed budget.

    Criteria considered in evaluating proposals:

    The most important criteria will be how the proposal meets the stated purposes of the objectives for this Grant. Some of the Criteria that will be considered, particularly at the second level of review, will include:

  • Does the project contribute to creating an environment which makes it easier for people with disabilities to participate?
  • Are people engaging in meaningful activities or valued social roles?
  • Are people with disabilities together with people without disabilities?
  • How does this compare to what we would see in society?
  • Does this project duplicate something already in place? If so, what contribution will this proposal make?
  • Is ongoing support required, or is it a one-time only Grant?
  • Are people with disabilities involved in the planning of the project?
  • Are there matching funds available for this project?
  • If the project cost is more than the Grant, what proposals do you have for funding the balance; Are these operating or program dollars?
  • Is criteria proposed for evaluating the program?
  • Not all of the above criteria need to be met. This is not an exhaustive list of the criteria that may be considered.

    The task of the Ad Hoc Committee:

    Review proposals and recommend one or more proposals to the Board for funding. After the recommendation for the Grant has been made to the Board, to review the criteria for the Grant making and the mandate of the Ad Hoc Committee for the following year and make recommendations for any required changes for the following year. After recommending, and not later than the third year of Grant making, evaluate the impact of prior Grants and report to the Board.

    Note: The Committee, in any given year, may recommend that no proposal should be funded, or a proposal will be partially funded; the funds available for that year would then be carried forward to the following year.