Working and Volunteering

REDI Job Developers open new doors...

As a Job Developer, each day I am surprised at the amazing things I get to do. It was my first month working on the job development team and we decided to find a job in the medical field for one of our clients. We picked a business and were successful... I mean really successful. As it turned out, the Manager of this business had been waiting to be in a position where they could create a meaningful opportunity for someone with disabilities.

The really cool part was that even though the individual didn't get the job she applied for, the management decided they wanted her to be a part of the team so they created a positon for her. It was an incredible experience... not just because we built a new relationship with the employer, but for the individual that got this position. It was life changing.

What is REDIworks? REDI has a contract with the Alberta government's Human Services department to provide training to individuals for employment and provide workplace support for the purpose of maintaining paid employment.